Thursday, February 01, 2018

Why Agile implementations are failing ? three Musketeers

During my recent breakfast chat with one of my mates @James Hayes, we retrospected on the current state of Agile implementations across the industries. Of course, there are hundreds of reasons, but we also realised that three key roles in the industry play a crucial role in this entire process.
During the chat, we realised that most of the time we blame middle management in organisations for the failure of any agile implementations. However, the issue doesn't start there. The issue starts during the recruiting process.
As shown below in the picture below, we discovered that in-experienced Agile coaches apply for jobs through recruiting agencies. Recruiters who scan the profiles of these coaches may not have enough expertise to identify the right ones. The same profiles are forwarded to the inexperienced (in Agile) hiring managers in larger organisations, who recruit the in-experienced Agile coaches, thus resulting in massive failure in Agile implementations.
Again, this is just an observation and not based on any data or anything. Even though I picked coaching here, I am sure the same could apply to other roles as well.
How can we fix this?
My view is that upskilling the recruiters and the hiring managers could make some difference here. My theory is that, as long as we have a huge demand-supply gap in the coaching field, we will end up having many (inexperienced)coaches. So, we can't stop, until the gap is narrowed down. 
Before I end this post, I want to say that, the above theory is not a generalised one, I have come across many fantastic recruiters, hiring managers and coaches as well. However, don't you see we have some scope for improvement?

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