Thursday, February 01, 2018

Honey, I will be home late, another deployment day !!

Do you call your spouse to let them know that you are going to be late again as another deployment is happening at work?   
During the daily Scrum do you hear your team members answer "I am working on Jira card 1078" in response to "What are you planning to do today?". 
Do you respond by saying you are a BA or a Java developer if someone asks "What do you do at work ?"
Even though there is nothing wrong with the answers as such, but it talks a lot about the organisational culture. My experience says that the language, the employees use on a day to day transaction is a reflection of the vision and the values espoused by its leaders. 
You might have heard the Janitor and the JFK story. While president JFK was visiting NASA, he saw a janitor carrying a mop and asked him what is he doing? The janitor replied that "he is helping to put a man on the moon." The janitor didn't see his work like cleaning or mopping the floor, but something that is contributing towards the broader goal NASA wanted to achieve. 
The point is, about the organisations inculcating the broader vision in every employee.
Many prominent and long-lived organisations around the world have ensured to consciously create a vision, purpose and empowering the employees to achieve them. 
Even though agile has become the defacto standard of delivering software, still employees are disconnected from the customers. 
You stop and observe any daily Scrum in your teams and observe their language. Do they keep referring to the Jira cards or Do they talk about the value being delivered to the customers?  What does it say about the surrounding system? What behaviors are being encouraged by the leaders around them?
Do you belong to a deployment team? Do you call your spouse that you are tied up and busy with deployment at nights and returning home frustrated ? what does it say about the system around you? Does that work empower and engage you with the broader vision your organisation wants to achieve ?
To achieve true agility in the organisation, employees need to be empowered, energized and engaged with the end customers. They should be made part of the larger goal and vision of the organisations. It is not good enough to do a great Scrum or Kanban and ignoring the human aspect of the system. 
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