Saturday, June 24, 2006

EJDC 2006 Conference

I was planning to post this blog from some time.
on 25th I had been to EJDC conference as a speaker and shared my thoughts on Agile best practices and metrics at EJDC Conference. It was supported by Kushal a non profit organization helping poor children in India.

My presentation was mostly towards the best agile practices that are in town and also some of the most popular agile metrics. I got my presentation reviewed by Craig Larman on thursday and got very good suggestions on usage of some of the "terminologies".

Overall I feel the presentation went very well. First half of the conference was devoted to technology related topics(mostly on SOA).

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Humane Interface Vs Minimal Interface

I am very new to Ruby(In fact I am trying to understand what it is), and today I stumbled upon an article by ' Martin Fowler ' which is an eye opener for me and I beleive, this could be a good start for me to start visualizing why there is so much hype about Ruby !! I have suddenly started seeing coding in Java/J2EE as x86 programming !!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Traditional "Done" Vs Agile "Done"

I found this interesting post on the web. Here the author williamcaputo is trying to describe the "thinking" of "done" by the traditional team Vs Agile team.

Traditionally 'done' means "We won't have to work on that anymore - and if we do, somebody must've screwed up." For Agilists 'done' means "We have accounted for what is known. If the situations changes, we expect to revisit this work."

Thus the two approaches have different goals: One is to finish, the other is to keep pace with change.