Friday, October 02, 2009

Agile Project Management Tools

During the early days, while Agile methods popularity was still at infancy, there were hardly one or two project management tools that catered to the needs of Agilists. Nowadays, I hear atleast a new tool almost every other week. I thought let me list them out here.

The following list has both Open source/freeware and commercial tools and the listing is not in any particular order.

1. Rally
2. VersionOne
3. XPlanner
4. Extreme Planner (Don't get confused with XPlanner mentioned above)
5. Mingle from thoughtworks
6. TargetProcess

OpenLogic in turn has done a nice work of comparing the following(7 through 10) 4 open source Agile PM tools
7. AgileFant
8. IceScrum
9. Agilo
10. eXplainPMT
11. SilverCatalyst
12. GreenHopper with JIRA
13. Agilebuddy
14. WoodRanchTech
15. PivotalTracker
16. BrightGreenProjects

17. XPlanner+ (Thanks Sezam20 for referring this tool)

Additional Information
You can also get additional details for some of the above tools from here.
Mike Cohn maintains the list of Agile PM tools here . (Thanks Phil for sharing the link)

Feel free to share the names of any other Agile PM tools that you might have come across and is not present in the above list.


Phil Green said...

Mike Cohn maintains a list here:

Venkatesh Krishnamurthy said...

Thanks Phil for sharing the link. The link has wealth of tools

sezam20 said...


Thank you for so many agile tools.
I will share one more tool: XPlanner-plus. It's based on XPlanner, has new functionality, and under intensive development now.
(P.S. you have a broken link on XPlanner.)

Venkatesh Krishnamurthy said...

Thanks Sezam for sharing such a wonderful tool. The UI looks impressive.

By the way, I fixed the XPlanner broken link.

Project Management Templates said...

Thanks for the tools collection and post.

Unknown said...

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Enrico said...

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