Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Key Do’s and Don'ts in Scrum


Cafe Pouring


Even though there are several  rules and practices in Scrum, but still they don’t  cover all contexts. Practitioners keep coming back with several questions like,

  1. We don’t have a scrum master yet, can we   make the Product Owner as the scrum Master ?
  2. Can we have a single Scrum Master for several projects ?
  3. and several others ….

So, here are some of the answers to questions like the ones mentioned above 

Here are some of them

  • Scrum Master ideally should lead only one team and the same thing applies to Product owner.  If they are leading more than one teams, their effectiveness decreases by the same fold
  • Don’t let Scrum Master to wear the cap of  product owner too
  • Don’t let one of the team members to take the role of Scrum Master
  • Even if there is a large team, ensure that there is a final product owner making final decisions about the product backlog
  • When Scrum says, team size should be 7 +/- 2, this number does not include then Scrum Master and the Product Owner

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