Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tools to build Big Visible charts

The commonly available tools for Agile teams to build "Big Visible charts" include,

   Post-it Notes
   Butcher Sheet
   Flip Charts
   White Boards  
However, while traveling to different countries, and currently in Melbourne I have come across additional tools like:

  Blue Tac 
     Blue tac is like a reusable Gum.  Typically Post-It notes stickiness is not so great.  So, one can use Blue Tac to increase the stickiness.  One can also use Blue Tac to stick the cards, butcher sheet or strings.  Blue Tac can stick to glass panes, wooden boards, etc.  

  Cling on Sheet
      Put it simply, these are reusable butcher sheets
Blue Tac                   Cling on Sheets 

I also found that it is an art to use these tools properly and arranging them in a way to please the eyes. 
One can just stick the Post it Notes on the walls  like below:

Or, order them clearly by separating them either with the strings or with Cello tapes like shown below:

What other tools do you use ?