Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Microsoft release eScrum tool

Finally Microsoft seems to be encouraging implementation of Agile methods across its projects, and predominantly Scrum. They have gone a step ahead and have created this Scrum tool too. Read more information about this tool here. Even though this tool seems to have been created for internal project purposes, chances are their that they can commercialize it.

Right now, RallyDev, VersionOne seems to be leading the Agile PM tools bandwagon.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Performance Appraisal - Different perspective

Here is a nice quote from Ester Derby about performance appraisal:

"Performance is *not* solely a matter of individual skills. Performance is a function of the person *and* the environment. Policies, procedures, structures (and dare I say it) the quality of management all affect individual performance."
     -- Esther Derby"

What Every Manager Should Know About Feedback

Right now many companies are going through performance appraisal cycle, and the managers are supposed to give their feedback to their team members.  How should one give an effective feedback ?.  Here is a good article by Ester Derby on how to effectively give feedback to others. This article provides a clear difference between an evaluation/judegement and a feedback.