Thursday, February 01, 2018

Toyota never had plans to create TPS

Toyota Production Systems (TPS) is something that is referred across IT organizations to prove that they are doing something valuable. Nowadays, If you say, you know TPS that means something, isn't it?
Do you know that TPS has never been a planned goal of Toyota? It was an accidental discovery of various ideas as seen by an outsider.
Taiichi Ohno is the most famous name associated with TPS. However, I feel it would be an injustice to TPS if we leave out rest of the employees who worked with him in making it a reality, for eg: Kikuo Suzumura.
A bunch of ideas that took birth in different parts of Toyota, whether it is the pull system or the kanban, all made a difference to the production line and made Toyota famous. This, in turn, attracted many outsiders to collate these ideas to call it TPS. 
You might question, how did they come up with these ideas ?. These thoughts came up mostly because of Toyota's culture of passion for continuous improvement and respect for people. 
Every organization can create their version of TPS provided they have the same underlying forces as Toyota did. 

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