Thursday, February 01, 2018

Context impacts the outcome

My exercise/work-out regime pretty much trends like a stock market. Many times, it goes down for weeks, and I have to pull myself back up to hit the gym again. I think it is a balancing act combined with the commitment to keep myself fit.

Recently I was reading an article about the impact of exercise on the mind. It seems that running, swimming and similar activities help in elevating the mood levels by releasing a chemical called "Serotonin."
However, if one is forced to do exercise, the brain gets into a stressful mode, and the effects are reversed. The author here gives a good analogy to this context by saying 
the difference between running because you're hunting something, and running because it's hunting you.
Why am I talking about exercise here... It is not about exercise; it's more about the how context impacts the outcome. 
In the Agile world, thousands of teams across the globe spend countless hours in daily scrum, retrospectives, etc. The question is, are you doing these rituals because you are interested in it or is it because someone is forcing you to do it? 
Even though the daily scrum, retro rituals might remain the same, the outcome would be different depending on the context, Isn't it?

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