Monday, June 04, 2018

Another great nugget by Ken Rubin 

"Many product development organizations focus more on eliminating the waste of idle workers than on the waste of idle work. For example, in traditional thinking, if I hire you to be a tester, I expect you to spend 100% of your time testing. If you spend less than 100% of your time testing, I incur waste (you’re idle when you could be testing).  
To avoid this problem, I will find you more testing work to do—perhaps by assigning you to multiple projects—to get your utilization up to 100%. Unfortunately, this approach reduces one form of waste (idle-worker waste) while simultaneously increasing another form of waste (idle-work waste). And, most of the time, the cost of the idle work is far greater than the cost of an idle worker."  #waste #productdevelopment #less #testers #utilization #idle 

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