Friday, June 15, 2018

One won't become a systems thinker by reading System thinking books. I remember Craig Larman handing me Peter Senge's book during my Valtech days in 2004. This was as part of the reading list during the initial days of LeSS related experimentation. Even though, I read it many times, it all started making sense, when we introduced the ideas around "Multi team Product Backlog Refinement", and "Having shared visual spaces", etc.   These small ideas which were created to enable the teams to get the wholistic view of the product, helped me in connecting the dots with the knowledge from the various theories. I found it very helpful approach to practice and get your hands dirty from the things you have learned either through the book or training.  LeSS also recommends to "Own" an idea rather than "Rent" it.  If you are keen to learn more about how to own an idea rather than renting it, and also, the difference it could make to your product  development,  please register for my upcoming LeSS courses in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney: Perth: Sydney: Melbourne: #productdevelopment #training #systemsthinking #less #renttoown


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