Sunday, August 18, 2013

LAST Conference slides available on SlideShare

image I have uploaded the Lean Agile And Systems Thinking conference slide “Does Agile help Innovation”  to Slideshare.  

Agile does help to an extent in building innovative products but overreliance would cause more damage than usefulness.   Based on my experience working in research labs building innovative products  and through well proven research data, I have shared many stories about raise and fall of  innovation  at  popular companies like 3M, Google, Amazon, CraigsLists, McDonald and LEGO

  • It was good to see, so many people turned up during this presentation, which is a reflection of interest in Innovation.
  • A meet up to discuss about  Innovation for social cause has been arranged in Melbourne next week, and looking forward to attend the same.
  • The conference was very successful with more than 350 people turning up at SwinBurne University campus with tickets being sold out.

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