Thursday, August 08, 2013

Difference between a Great leader Vs a Good leader

image Recently came across an article which had excerpt from Steve Jobs interview.  Here is what Jobs says
At Pixar when we were making Toy Story, there came a time when we were forced to admit that the story wasn't great. It just wasn't great. We stopped production for five months.... We paid them all to twiddle their thumbs while the team perfected the story into what became Toy Story. And if they hadn't had the courage to stop, there would have never been a Toy Story the way it is, and there probably would have never been a Pixar. "We called that the 'story crisis,' and we never expected to have another one. But you know what? There's been one on every film.

There are some beautiful messages hidden in the above statement.
  • I could see the Courage to halt things when things are not going in the right direction
  • Taking a stand to make a product  perfect
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Admitting and accepting the failure
  • Embrace the financial loss
The above mentioned great qualities I guess made Steve Jobs a great leader and inspite of his temper tantrums.
How many leaders do we see around in our organizations and projects who can courageously call off projects, provide a thinking time to redesign/rework and proceed later ?  

Most of the time, the companies are so focused on delivering the product on time within budget thus sacrificing the quality and customer satisfaction.
What's your view on this ?  
Have you worked with any leader with jobs qualities ?

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priyanka said...

in my point of view steave jobs is a great leader for every one. he has all the quality to make product better by his innovative ideas for which people remembers him till now and he will be for ever with us till the technology is there.