Friday, January 08, 2010

Tim Lister on Agile Leadership

image Recently I watched this informative video by Tim Lister in which he speaks about Agile project leadership. I would highly recommend this video for all Agile practitioners.

As we know, Tim is the author of the two greatest books of this decade.  They are

image image

I made some quick notes for myself while watching this video, and thought would share the same here.

1. Process is something you do naturally. Real process is  something you do when you are under pressure.

2. A Leader is someone, who by dint of words and or deeds,influences the behavior of others

3. Great Projects have emotions

4. Software development could be compared to an orchestra.  Both Orchestra and Software development involves different types of people, and even if one or two don’t perform well, everything goes for a toss. 

5. It is really hard to hate when you know the name

6. Cross Pollination is critical. Ex: Americans and Canadian. Even though they speak the same language, still they feel different.

7. Question: How do you keep the teams motivated ?
Tim : Teams thrive on Interesting Problems. Teams cannot be motivated by giving more salary.

(Rephrased in my own words)  For ex: if some one is given 2000 USD rise, the developers won’t jump in and say that from today onwards I am going to be more productive.  Maximum thing they would do is call their family and take them for dinner and forget it as though nothing has happened. 

8. Every leader has to groom another great leader

9. in Hitachi, every project team has to try something different. The management rejects if the project planning is done in a way similar to others.

10. CMM is score card to rate the process

11. If you are just doing what Agile methods say, you are already at CMM level 3 

12. Hockey is Un-Choreographed Ballet Dance.  This could be compared to Agile. While on the field the players have to think about various situations and make dynamic decision. The coach cannot guide each and every move of the players.

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