Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 2 of Agile Bengaluru 2010

I attended TOC and JIT session . This session was intended to teach Theory of constraints and in turn identify the bottlenecks in projects. I liked the way the session was structured.

This session also included a small hands on workshop where in the participants form small groups and would pick a project to work on. Within each group, the participants would work on identifying the bottleneck and how throughput could be increased by reducing the cycle time.

I also got a chance to listen to Jeff Patton during one of the breaks.

I had a few Aha moments while listening to Jeff. Here are some points which has put me to ponder for the next few days

1. Requirements are considered to be harmful. Read Jeff’s popular whitepaper here to understand why he says so

2. The projects would always lead to failure as long as we have the You and US mentality between the customer and the software development team.

I also got a chance to meet Bas Vodde, imagewho happened to be in Bangalore and just walked in to say hi to Jeff and Dave.

Bas and Craig Larman (my Guru) have written image various books and white papers. I highly recommend the recently released book Scaling Lean and Agile. image

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