Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Agile world in the Top 20 Blogs

Agile Daily has rated my blog Agile blog in the top 20 list as the most recommended blogs on Agile development.

Here is what they say:
Sorted by Fastest Gain in SocialRank. These blogs had the biggest increase in attention today.

  1. Geek Noise
  2. ASP.Net
  3. James Shore
  4. Agile Advice
  5. Agile Game Development
  6. Jason Yip - Blog
  7. George Dinwiddie - Blog
  8. Agile .NET CT
  9. Agile Programmer
  10. Agile Israel
  11. Agile Software Process Improvement
  12. Me.Andering
  13. Diana Larsen - Blog
  14. Jeff Sutherland - Blog
  15. Agile Artisans
  16. Agile Blog
  17. TargetProcess
  18. Agile Project Planning
  19. Better Ways of Developing Software
  20. Agile Software Development blogs

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Anonymous said...

Another blog that I hope your readers might find of interest is 'all about agile'...