Monday, August 07, 2006

Technology experts rescuing process team

From the last couple of months, I have been working closely with Craig Larman and I got a chance to learn not only about Agile methods but also a lot about OOA and OOP. I am also a big fan of people like Martin Fowler, Ron Jefferies, Jeff Sutherland who have contributed a lot to Agile methods. If you carefully observe their past life, they all come from technological background rather than the pure process background. This is leading me to believe that a person with both technology and process background could contribute more to software development world than being purely in one of them. I would like to quote one of the real world examples, I was having a chat with group of SQA team, and still they think TDD is testing rather than a design !!. I saw today Craig checking the code of a team member and smoking code smells out, and I don't think this could be handled by a "pure" QA person.

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