Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Agile 2.0 ?

Recently buzz about Agile 2.0 is going around in agile community, looks like sponsored by Microsoft. Here are my thoughts about Agile 2.0

1. From the above article, it looks like MSF is concentrating on agile practices. This would the right recipe for failure. Agile manifesto never talked about practices but only on principles and values which are global and constant. Practices needs to be tailored to individual project environments based on principles and values. A practice that works in one environment may not work on the other

2. Name Agile 2.0 itself is a misnormer. In continuation of point 1 above, there was no such thing called Agile 1.0 before !! We had just agile principles and values.

1 comment:

James McGovern said...

You are already late to the game. I am already doing Agile 2.5...