Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Toyota Way and the Stand up meeting

I remember somebody telling me that, in Toyota manufacturing plant and in the assembly line if somebody discovers some fault in the product, immediately they would raise an alarm. This in turn signals everybody to stop what they have been doing, and approach the person who raised the alarm. All of them in that shop floor in turn would discuss and help the person in resolving the fault he/she has seen.

I believe the same principle is being applied in our daily stand up meeting. Most of the time, the daily stand up meeting is considered as "status meeting". In fact it is not, especially if you look at the third question "Any obstacles stopping the developer from proceeding further?". The reason I believe behind this question is to make the other team members aware of this issue, and in turn all of them can jump together in helping this person out. This is in line with the Toyota manufacturing analogy shown above.

Until we don't understand the principles behind practices, practices remains as practice !!

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