Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Discussion with Craig Larman

Nowadays I am working closely with Craig to get a deeper understanding of Agile and Scrum. Here is the summary of key what I understood

1. There is nothing called agile "method". Agile provides principles and values. There are agile methods like XP,Scrum,etc

2. Most of the time people who go through scrum master certification end up becoming "Project managers having Scrum master certification"

3. Scrum Masters are obstacle removers in a project rather than managers controlling the project. I can clearly see in my surroundings, how difficult it is to achieve this particular goal. The reason being most of the people are coming from "Project Management" background !!

Becoming a scrum master is not "practicing some things", it needs total change of mindset, the way we lead life at work, the way we think.

I have started working on implementing "Virtual Lava Lamp", and it looks like a lot of configuration changes needs to be done while integrating Cruise control with lava lamp.

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