Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Newsletter # 48: List of popular books

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35 Tools for Brainstorming and meeting

This post provides a comprehensive list of 35 tools for brainstorming and meetings.  I liked the way they categorise them and show the evaluation criteria.

I have copied few of them here..

Our Top Recommended Tools for Online Brainstorming and Decision Making in Meetings

After all that, here are the products that stood out from the crowd. We recommend adding one of these to your online meeting toolkit.

#1 GroupMap or Stormz

We loved the ease of use, attractive design, clarity of the process, and excellent reporting provided by our top recommendaitons.
Both GroupMap and Stormz offer a free trial and a monthly subscription option. Occasional users probably won't experience big differences between these platforms. Both are easy to use and generate really useful results. Lucid Meetings customers should consider Stormz, using our integration to ensure the results from your brainstorming session get stored with your other meeting records.
Powernoodle and MeetingSphere are also excellent choices, especially for enterprises and organizations seeking a product that will support a rich virtual facilitation practice over time. Many of the professional facilitators certified by the IAF swear by MeetingSphere.

#2 Google DocsMicrosoft Word Live, or Etherpad

Brainstorming in a co-edited document worked better than we expected, and starting with a product everyone already knows how to use eradicated the learning curve. These are also the only viable option for those of you with accessibility requirements. Finally, free is a very good price!
That said, these products were harder to use with large groups, as participants quickly get concerned about writing over each other's contributions. Importantly, these products do nothing to support your process, so all of the organization and facilitation is entirely up to you.
Free collaborative editors are our top-pick for small teams or traditional facilitators who need to prioritize easy technology instead of high-volume replies or any decision reporting support.

#3 IdeaFlip or Jamboard

Recommended with reservations.
These products support our test process and offer a good alternative to development teams. But they lack the flexibility, power and finesse of our top choices, and didn't provide the reports we were looking for.

#4 Mural or Miro

Recommended for designers and others managing work visually.
Mural and Miro fully support our process as part of a larger, deluxe visual management platform. Neither platform is free nor lightweight, but both can be an excellent choice for teams who benefit from visual collaboration both during and outside of meetings.
In 2020, Mural is our top pick for online design thinking and visual facilitation.

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List of Good Books 

Came across this post which I found has some good list of books. Hope you like it...


Large-Scale Scrum(LeSS)

My recent webinar about  5 unique Things about Large-Scale Scrum 

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