Thursday, July 12, 2012

IdeaPaint– A new dimension to Agile Workspace

Big Visible Charts, and collaborative environment are the distinct characters of Agile workspaces. Many researches have clearly indicated that visibility of information, posture of people and flexibility are the critical elements to enhance creativity. If you are interested to know more about how to improve creativity through a proper design of workspace, read the article here.

In my world, here is how we have used some tools in the past, and at the end, I have made an attempt to predict the future.

Past and present
Depicting/Sharing ideas has evolved over years.

1. We started with the black boards

   2. Before moving to Flipcharts

3. To avoid marks on the walls, people paste the Post-Its on A3 sized sheets


4.Many teams use Glass walls to sketch thoughts


5. Cling on sheets was one of the effective ways to move notes from one room to another without scratching walls



The future

Nowadays,  many new organizations  have started making use of this innovative technology called “IdeaPaint”. 

According IdeaPaint’s website:


Titled IdeaPaint, it is available for half the price of an actual whiteboard and works just as well or better, leaving no marks behind when you wash down your work (and, without the rest of the infrastructure, it turns out to be greener, too).

Imagine the ability to write ideas, thoughts, designs and release plan on the white walls without getting worried about the office admin.


If you are a truly Agile enterprise, it is high time to move towards IdeaPaints. I am convinced that, IdeaPaint is going to revolutionize the way people collaboratively work.

Here are few sample pictures of how people use IdeaPaint.


Flowmotion said...

I think we're going to need to try this out!

Venkatesh Krishnamurthy said...

Definitely. A few of my friends have tried in their Agile rooms,and they seem to be happy. Let me know how it goes. Thanks,Venky