Thursday, June 07, 2012

How to build a high performing Agile team ?


Building a high performing team is a dream of every Agilist. Agile Australia event had a track on this topic too.  Mike Bromley of NBN covered this topic on Day 1 of the event.  As part of building a high performing team, the first step is to hire talented people.  According to Mike,

                   Culture is a driving force behind performance, and people = culture.        

He also mentions that 9 key traits of a good performer. I have put together the traits in the screen shot below.


As one could see, it is difficult to find all the talents in one single person. One needs to carefully chose people so that, they complement each others skill. Some of the talents mentioned above(courage, innovation,etc) cannot be identified using the typical interviewing (Q&A) technique. Special techniques are needed.

Here are some of the special techniques

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