Friday, January 13, 2012

Scrum Smells - Rarely Quoted

We  know the popular Scrum Smells  like

1. Scrum meeting with a  large team
2. Scrum Master assigning tasks to the team members
3. Velocity being used to measure the productivity of team, etc

However, following 4 are rarely called out in open forums even though they are like elephant in the room.   

They are
1. Hierarchy: Product Owners considering superior to the team (specifically Business Analysts). Consider the existence of a hierarchy here.
2. Business Analysts mostly being used for  typing User Stories
3. Agile coaches considering them as superior human beings as compared to the rest of the team. Basically, dictating terms and reserving the right to answer questions from team members. 
4. Software Services vendor continuing to call “Customer as King” but not directing the King in the right direction by pointing mistakes.

Even though 3 and 4 are not specific to Scrum, they still are relevant.

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