Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Notes from Lean workshop - Vol 2

The Empire State building construction is  a classic example of  application of Lean principles.  It was built within budget and in time.

Here are the few success factors that lead to this achievement.


1. Team work: Owner, Architect and the Builder. 

In a software development scenario the above team could be compared to the Sponsor, Architect and developers.   Notice that there is no product owner.

Mary, recommends that product lead should have both technology and business acumen. This is opposed to the concept of Product Owners, who are purely coming from business background.

2. Builder was highly experienced in building such large scale systems.

3. Identifying and focussing on the key constraint: Material flow. 

4. The design was based on less coupled systems


5. Every one was made aware of the key constraint that was the cash flow.  Every day delay caused nearly 10,000$ (~120,000 $ in today’s term).

6. Constraints were kept in mind while laying out the plan, and not based on the design.

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