Sunday, December 04, 2011

Notes from David Snowden’s lecture

November month provided me rare and very good opportunity to attend workshops anchored by renowned speakers across the globe. 

It started with David Snowden’s workshop on Complexity theory  followed by  Mary and Tom’s leaders window.  

David is known for his contributions towards knowledge management and Complexity theory related subjects.  He has won several awards and a very good speaker.

The 2 hour I spent listening to Snowden is memorable.  I had a few Aha moments during the workshop, and based on Snowden’s pointers, I am continuing research on the areas related to complexity theory.  He is one of the inspiring speakers I have come across. The venue was crowded with eagerly looking lean thinkers and Agilists.

A few points from my notes :

1. Building Inefficiency provides opportunity for innovation

2. Systems thinking provides an idealistic and futuristic view, where as complexity theory looks at current state of affairs

3. One learns things better by failing rather than doing it right or reading “How to” books

4. Complex systems are dispositional but not causal

5. It is important to know the principles, and “why” behind the principles to scale it.

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