Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yow Conference Australia

Looking forward to attend Yow Developer Conference next week.  The conference has pretty good and popular speakers. Some of the popular speakers  include Martin Fowler, Mary and Tom Poppendieck,Linda Rising, Joshua Kerievsky, Eric Evans

Leader's Workshop, 2 days workshop by Mary and Tom is going to be an important workshop for me to attend.

This workshop is going to cover the following areas:

  • How to discover what customers really want.
  • How to look at your process from a customer's point of view and identify waste.
  • What's wrong with software testing and what you have to do to fix it.
  • How to engage people and stimulate focused innovation.
  • Scaling patterns that have proven successful - and their context.
  • How to frame risk and rethink scheduling to permit confident promise-dating and reliable delivery.
  • Tools for solving problems that everyone in the organization can use.
  • Leadership roles that work - from the perspective of followers.
  • How traditional governance systems can lead to sub-optimization and what to do about it.

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