Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Managing the Agile rooms

Large Agile projects need larger rooms. Even then, imagethey get filled with  Post-It notes in a short span of time.After some time, It would be difficult to find an inch on the wall to add additional information leading to a chaotic  environment.  Clean, well organized space provides clarity in thinking too.

Some of the key things to watch out include
1. Watch out for stale information on the wall. Find a way to archive the old one.  In one project, we used a large box in a corner to archive old post-its.

2. Post the items in a logical order
3. Identify a few people in the team to manage the wall. Creative people could make a difference.
4. Create a lay out such that anyone entering the room can reach the right information easily.  Without a layout, it looks overwhelmed and confusing.






Do you have other suggestions to manage the wall ?

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