Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Usage of Tool in an Offshore Scrum Meeting

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There are number of ways how a team can conduct Scrum meeting in an offshore environment.

It is always recommended to have the answers for the 3 questions ready before attending the Scrum meeting. In an offshore environment, the Product owner sitting onsite(Ex:Australia) may not be able to attend the offshore scrum meeting (Ex: India at 10 Am in the morning) due to time differences. Sometimes, even though PO is able to attend the scrum meeting, he/she might have issues w.r.t language and accent (Ex: between French and English speakers). Such situations have taught us that, usage of tools like a scrum logger would benefit both the onsite and offshore teams.

The offshore team can make use of some tool to input the answers for the 3 questions on a day to day basis before getting into Scrum meeting. The onshore customer (who is having issue with accent or language barrier) can go through the answers daily and can get to know the impediments or any other issues without being a part of Scrum meeting.

The above scenario has been given keeping in mind that only the offshore team is part of development and the product owner is sitting onsite.

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Anonymous said...


My name is Anoop,

We are (my team) already using a tool for entering scrum details, viewing when ever needed and printing. It is available for all the users across the network. These tools reduce the job of scrum master, but team using scrum logger tool is just entering details in it and many of the time skipping scrum meetings. That made scrum master to loose his control over the meetings. This has gone even worst that team members started coming late and enter scurm details as soon as they come.