Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Eye contacts in Scrum Meetings

I found this nice article by a blogger Abrachan:

When a team is transitioning from the conventional predictive project management to the adaptive style based on SCRUM method - very often it is like releasing a parrot under captivity. Suddenly the parrot gets absolute freedom and at the same time it is not conditioned to enjoy the new found freedom. It still thinks that it is under captivity. It has to strengthen the muscles required to fly in a world of unlimited freedom and opportunities to excellence.

When the daily scrum meetings happen, most of the members - if they are new to the team, still follow the reporting attitude - and keep reporting what I am supposed to do, What I did and the problems I faced - to the SCRUM master only, without any eye contact with the rest of the team. Even if the SCRUM master do not want to be seen as a command and control freak, the rest of the team still see him as a command and control freak - which is hang over from the previous predictive project management styles he/she was practising. One of the very effective tactic (fix) to de-promote this behavior by the rest of the team is to avoid the eye contact with the person who is `talking to you' in a SCRUM meeting, thus forcing him/her to look at the rest of the team members - contributing to the 'self directed team' spirit. :-)

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