Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Agile Offshore Development Tip 1: Estimate cautiously immediately after a release

I am planning to start a series of "Tipping" session on Agile Offshore development. I work with offshore development teams practicing agile methods day in and day out, and so I keep seeing challenges in implementing some practices.

I am taking this as an opportunity to provide some solutions(what I think as right) for these recurring problems.

Tip 1: If your team is new to agile methodology, then ensure that the iteration planning for the "new" release is done cautiously. The reason being, most of the time the estimation and planning is done based on the velocity of previous iterations. But, when you release a new version of the product to the customer, you could expect some priority defects. These "unplanned" defects needs to be fixed in the upcoming iterations. These defects might have escaped the dragnet of TDD, functional testing, etc. So, consciously take such eventuality into consideration and plan it without just relaying on previous iterations velocity.

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