Thursday, October 19, 2006

Key question in Scrum meetings: Impediments

I keep reviewing the scrum meetings of teams around me. One thing I have noticed so far is, the team enthusiastically answers the first 2 questions. When it comes to third question, which is on "impediments", either they say everything is okay Or won't bring up the problems.
There is a lot of value in answering the "roadblocks or impediments" question. The idea here is, if the team member says, he has some roadblocks the rest of the team members are supposed to jump in and help me in solving the problem. The reason being, until the road block persists this particular team member would become the bottleneck in the team reducing the throughput.

Some of the common roadblocks I have seen with teams is:

1. They have not understood the requirements properly
2. They have not understood the framework or a particular technology
3. Computer hitch
4. Network problems
5. Issue with one of the colleagues which is ultimately blocking his/her work.

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