Friday, September 22, 2006

Agility and maturity

I keep hearing from people time and again that agile methods are for matured teams. My immediate reaction to such conversations is, agile makes the team more matured. I have been applying agile methods from the last two years, and each one of the team member (including myself) had come from CMM (or synonymously called traditional water fall model) have changed a lot after certain time. When I say change, it is not only the ability to deliver quality software but a mindset to learn and adapt. The reason being, the key practice, I would like to put it as "heart" of any agile methods practice is the "iteration". The rhythm and responsibility that gets created within an iteration makes the team more responsible and matured.

I am becoming more and more confident with great stories to prove that, one can apply agile methods to any projects and any "type" of people, and the result from it is always going to be something positive "on" the mindset of the team.

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