Thursday, January 25, 2018

Amazon spins a giant roulette wheel every week - But don't copy this

Today, I came across this article on Business Insider about Amazon introducing a new idea of spinning the wheel as part of managing their meeting scheduling chaos.
The spinning wheel seems to look like this
The first thing that came to mind while reading this article and looking at this wheel was OMG, the agile coaches, leaders from various organisations might copy this idea to manage their meetings. 
My suggestion, please don't copy this practice.
As agilists say "Every practice is context dependent."  The above idea from Amazon, seems to have taken birth as a need to make their leaders come prepared irrespective of the presenter.
Unless your company has the same meeting related challenge as at Amazon, don't copy blindly. 
Somehow in the agile world, it is a common practice to pick up ideas from popular publishing companies (HBR, BusinessInsider, InforQ, etc.) and implement the same.
I like experimentation, but copying because a popular company is doing it is a mere ignorance.
The most popular copied idea in the recent years has been the "Spotify model." The model, as far as I know, emerged as part of various experiments/ideas tried at Spotify.
Spotify has ingrained the culture of experimentation in their employees. I am not sure if they are still practicing the so called "Spotify model".
At one point, organisations copied the Google's 20% idea forcing employees to spend a day innovating. Even though Google abandoned this idea long back, it looks like it is still lingering around.
Many have attributed the innovations at Google to this 20% rule. However, according to Eric Schmidt, his plan was more towards changing the culture.

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