Sunday, September 15, 2013

Change the mindset of these 4 Practices

 image Over a period of time,  Agile practices is taking its own shape unfortunately not for the better but for the worse.  Practices are given embraced forgetting the principles behind them. Especially over the key practices like  Retros, Daily stand up, Iteration planning meeting and estimation.  
What are those myths, misconceptions and what mistakes people are doing ?   These are covered in detail in the recently published  Techwell article.  The transcript of the article is shared below….
There are two popular mindsets team members have about retrospectives that I want to address: retrospectives are done only at the end of a sprint or a project and they are done to identify “what didn’t go so well.”
In reality, I have found that retrospectives support an “inspect-and-adapt” approach and are needed for continuous improvement. Agile teams are able to get together at any time and reflect on what’s going on in the project and how to work better. Having a “do-only-at-the-end” mindset dilutes the real intention behind retrospectives.
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