Monday, July 02, 2007

Thinking like Scrum Master

Most of the time our behavior/attitude would adjust automatically to suit a particular role or designation. For example, If somebody is a senior developer he would be spending time thinking only about solving a technical problem, he wouldn't worry or think about leading a team most of the time. His thinking gets limited to certain area of his responsiblities only.

Similarly, as one is promoted to become a project manager or Scrum Master, thinking patterns would automatically gets adjusted to lead the team and showing attributes of a leader. Fundamenally people wait for suitable title/designation and then would try to change their thinking patterns, atleast most of the times !!

Recently, Pete Behrens one of the Agile practitioner suggested a good thought in the Agile discussion group, and thought I would share here:

If you wait for a title to behave as that title you will rarely make it
there - rather if your act and behave what you want to become,titles become
some what irrelevant.

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