Sunday, May 20, 2007

Agile @ Philips Innovation campus

18th May, I was invited by Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore as a speaker to talk to their team on Agile and Scrum method. Alexius Collete, Head PIC Bangalore was present with other senior management team to be part of this session. Saran, took care of the entire coordination and provided me an excellent support for making this happen.

I could see the enthusiasm in the management team to know about Agile and how to effectively implement the same. This is a clear indication of the support for Agile implementation from the top management at PIC(top down Agile adoption strategy). There is no doubt that Agile gets nurtured in such organizations.

During the session, I was happy to see the auditorium jam packed with Agile enthusiasts. In the recent weeks, I have been invited by many companies in Bangalore !

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Anonymous said...

Hi venkatesh... I read your article on Top down agile and really like it. Thanks for putting all this info in a structured manner.