Monday, February 26, 2007

Group Thinking clouds decision

Recently I read this article, "Group Thinking Clouds Decisions" on live Science.
"http://www.livescie logy/070221_ friends_memory. html

As per the above research, "People have a harder time coming up with
alternative solutions to a problem when they are part of a group, new
research suggests." and also, "When a group gets together, they can
miss out on good options,"

As agile practioners we encourage people to come together and make decision as a team. I am not sure, what is the impact of above research on Agile practices. I have put this question in Scrum development discussion forum, and one of the respondants came back with the following response

There is a natural tendency for groups to seek a sort of median, but
with a group of exceptional people, that can be a fairly high mark.
A single study does not decide much in science

Even I am not sure of the impact, but time could decide !

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