Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to change the world with Jurgen Appelo ?



Recently  Jurgen Appelo’s  was in Melbourne,and  had an opportunity to attend one of the events. He is the author of two popular books Management 3.0 and How to change the world.


Jurgen is a good speaker, and engages the audience very well. In the event as well he explained various concepts by anchoring European map, and with humour.

What did I learn during the session ?

1. Human beings are driven by the 10 intrinsic desires


2. Jurgen is able to bring Agile methods, complexity theory and systems thinking all together to share new insights. 

3. Even though  Agile Manifesto talks stress about individuals and interactions, the agilists always talk about the team. Individuals are thoroughly ignored in Agile projects

4. He also shared about the ADKAR model of change management


5.image Jurgen explained about the desire part through the successful experiment conducted in one of the airports aiming to keep the men’s urinal’s clean.  Here is the screen shot of one of the urinals. The Fly is not the real one, it is just a picture.

Psychology behind this technique

The fly etching has been placed in such a way as a means of improving the aim of the urinal's users, thereby significantly reducing spillage and thus keeping the facility cleaner.

The idea is that men using the urinal will almost instinctively aim at the fly with the intent of washing it down the drain and, as a result, spillage caused by poor aim and inattention will be reduced.

I have heard most European countries follow above technique but some replace  fly with a Spider Smile , thus creating the desire to flush the insect down

6. One has to incentivise good behaviour with small rewards than the large ones.

7. Shared few examples of building collaboration by changing the physical structure of the office space

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